NOTICE! This page is NOT up to date and does not reflect current rewards

Vote for Renovia!

By Voting you can earn some cool ingame items

We Love Voters!

Show your support for Renovia by spreading the word - through voting! ALL votes give the following:

 $100 in-game cash 
 30 minutes bonus playtime 
 x1 McMMO Credit 
 x1 Vote Crate Key 
Chance for additional lucky rewards!

Each vote also increases the VoteParty count - after the server receives 30 votes, everyone online gets a VoteParty Crate item!
What are you waiting for? Go vote!

Top Monthly Voter Rewards

Are you dedicated enough to earn some sweet loot? Rack up those votes, then contact an Admin+ to receive the following prizes on your favorite server!

1st Place: x1 Spawner Crate Key, x15 McMMO Credits and $25,000 in-game cash!
AND Choice of Exclusive Top Voter Title OR Donor Store Item*
Supporter Title Preview

2nd Place: x3 Gilded Crate Keys, x10 McMMO Credits and $10,000 in-game cash!

3rd Place:  x1 Gilded Crate Key, x5 McMMO Credits and $5,000 in-game cash!

If a tie occurs, rewards will be split evenly between players, then given an additional 50% of the new amounts.
* Non-eligible items include Baron, Count, and Duke Donor Rank packages